Computer Generated Imagery: The 3D Advantage


The word “photorealistic” is commonly used to describe high-quality computer-generated imagery (CGI). While the word does have merit, we think it’s a little 2016 and needs to be retired. Creating lifestyle photography for your product that’s “realistic for CGI” is unacceptable today. We believe in delivering computer-generated visual assets that are completely immersive and indistinguishable from traditional in-camera photography.

CGI Benefits and Our Capabilities

  • Keep Your Inventory - in most cases there’s no need to send our agency product samples. We’re able to build your product in a 3D environment with only product specifications and reference images.

  • Lifestyle is Everything - without the limitation of a photography studio, we’re able to create engaging lifestyle product photography in multiple environments that illustrates your product in the ideal context and setting.

  • Image Sets - the best product listings contain a series of product detail and environmental photos. Our process delivers multiple angles, detail shots, isolated silhouettes, 3D rotational imagery, and feature benefits.

  • New Marketing Assets - our CGI packages give you the leading edge over your competitors, not only will your lifestyle photos that drip with style - you’ll have a 3D model ready for augmented and virtual reality applications.

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